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[[Image:Antonio.jpg|75px|link= Carla Antonio]] [[Carla_Antonio|2. Dr Carla Antonio]]
[[Image:Antonio.jpg|75px|link= Carla Antonio]] [[Carla_Antonio|2. Dr Carla Antonio]]
[[Image:StaceyReinke.jpg|75px|link= StaceyReinke]] [[Stacey Reinke|3. Dr Stacey Reinke]]
[[Image:StaceyReinke.jpg|75px|link= Stacey Reinke]] [[Stacey Reinke|3. Dr Stacey Reinke]]
[[Image:Mark_R_Viant.png|75px|link= MarkViant]] [[Mark Viant|4. Professor Mark Viant]]
[[Image:Mark_R_Viant.png|75px|link= Mark Viant]] [[Mark Viant|4. Professor Mark Viant]]
[[Image:RickDunn.png|75px|link= RickDunn]] [[Rick Dunn|5. Professor Warwick (Rick) Dunn]]
[[Image:RickDunn.png|75px|link= Rick Dunn]] [[Rick Dunn|5. Professor Warwick (Rick) Dunn]]
[[Image: Nichole_Reisdorph.png|75px|link= NicholeReisdorph]] [[Nichole Reisdorph|6. Dr Nichole Reisdorph]]
[[Image: Nichole_Reisdorph.png|75px|link= Nichole Reisdorph]] [[Nichole Reisdorph|6. Dr Nichole Reisdorph]]
[[Image: Jessica_LaskySu.jpg|75px|link= JessicaLaskySu]] [[Jessica Lasky-Su|7. Associate Professor Jessica Lasky-Su]]
[[Image: Jessica_LaskySu.jpg|75px|link= Jessica Lasky Su]] [[Jessica Lasky-Su|7. Associate Professor Jessica Lasky-Su]]
[[Image: Augustin_Scalbert.jpg|75px|link= AugustinScalbert]] [[Augustin Scalbert|8. Dr. Augustin Scalbert]]
[[Image: Augustin_Scalbert.jpg|75px|link= Augustin Scalbert]] [[Augustin Scalbert|8. Dr. Augustin Scalbert]]
[[Image: Kazuki_Saito.jpg|75px|link= KazukiSaito]] [[Kazuki Saito|8. Dr. Kazuki Saito]]
[[Image: Kazuki_Saito.jpg|75px|link= Kazuki Saito]] [[Kazuki Saito|8. Dr. Kazuki Saito]]

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In this series, the EMN asks experts in the field of metabolomics about their research, career, goals and aspirations. These short interviews are featured on the Main Page and archived here.


Vanderhooft.jpg 1. Dr Justin J.J. van der Hooft

Antonio.jpg 2. Dr Carla Antonio

StaceyReinke.jpg 3. Dr Stacey Reinke

Mark R Viant.png 4. Professor Mark Viant

RickDunn.png 5. Professor Warwick (Rick) Dunn

Nichole Reisdorph.png 6. Dr Nichole Reisdorph

Jessica LaskySu.jpg 7. Associate Professor Jessica Lasky-Su

Augustin Scalbert.jpg 8. Dr. Augustin Scalbert

Kazuki Saito.jpg 8. Dr. Kazuki Saito