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Freely-available video content related to metabolomics is listed on this page

Broad metabolomics introduction, which presents ongoing research into changes in metabolism induced by space travel.

A discussion of our wide and varied responses to food including the mechanistic basis of the diversity of human responses to food. How much of a role does diet play in the diversity of human metabolism and its deregulation? How has human milk evolved to become a nourishing and protective food?

Lecture with introduction to analysis and alignment of untargeted metabolomics data, quality control measures and the untargeted data report.

Contains an introduction to metabolomics, particularly non-targeted analytical approaches. Focus on food metabolomics including phytochemical production in plants and relevance to consumption of whole grains. The relationship between endogenous metabolism and technological processing on the phytochemical composition of food. Other examples of cardiometabolic risk factors are also presented. The final part of the presentation discusses goals for developing non-targeted metabolomics methods suitable for broad commercial use.

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